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The Tom Cherry Experience

Sunday, October 22, 2006

One by One, I'll Knock You Out

Working Stiff: I've been working some overtime for the past couple of weeks which is always nice on the wallet. I've been helping out in the shipping department, packing orders into boxes and sending them on their way. It's basically a pretty simple job, but it does involve a lot of standing which can be difficult on a fat cartoonist's legs, but I'm adjusting.

My Pain (Non-Leg Related): It can be frustrating to have a quick wit and a slow mouth.

As Seen on TV (Good): I recently saw the first two episodes of Dexter and I enjoyed them immensely. Michael C. Hall plays a serial killer that targets other killers in Miami while working for the police department as a blood splatter expert. Hall is strangely likable as an emotionally hollow man. Finally Showtime has a show worth watching!

As Seen on TV (Bad): Charlotte Rae wearing a pink wig in a commercial for Trivial Pursuit.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Like the fabled Samson before him, Eric Whetsel recently had all his hair chopped off. Unlike Samson, a woman named Delilah wasn't responsible for the act. That duty went to a barber named Fred.

Programming Note: Though I promised Jughead blogging last time, I'm afraid that may have to wait for a bit. Sorry, Archie fans!

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