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The Tom Cherry Experience

Monday, June 23, 2014

Alice in Radioland

Alice in Radioland
This month Tom Cherry's Old Time Radio Show goes down the rabbit hole as we present the Columbia Workshop's radio version of Alice in Wonderland! Starring Wendy Carpenter, Sean Orlosky, Gabe Carpenter, Sean Heline, Bob Green, Missy Donahue, Katy Wolfe, Angela Gick, our soundman and soundwoman, Jerry and Judy Cole, and our special guest star Dana Jones as Alice! Plus more cowboy adventures on The Happy Hoppy Hopper Show and madcap merriment on Those Funky Idiots! All this and more on the next episode of Tom Cherry's Old Time Radio Show this Saturday (6/28/14) at 3:00pm at the Farmland Center! Just one dollar! Popcorn and drinks will be available for purchase!

Can't make it? You can also listen in by clicking the radio icon at
http://www.farmlandindiana.org/ or on any mobile device through the TuneIn App, keyword Farmland Radio! Tune in, turn out, and we'll see you on the radio!

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dadman and Sonny

Guess what I made my dad for Fathers Day!

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

And Thanks for the Fish!

"The world is a thing of utter inordinate complexity and richness and strangeness that is absolutely awesome. I mean the idea that such complexity can arise not only out of such simplicity, but probably absolutely out of nothing, is the most fabulous extraordinary idea. And once you get some kind of inkling of how that might have happened, it’s just wonderful. And … the opportunity to spend 70 or 80 years of your life in such a universe is time well spent as far as I am concerned." -Douglas Adams

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

12 for 12

1. Saturday is my birthday. I'll be turning 45.

2. My laptop appears to be on its last days. Tonight it took me over an hour to get the damn thing started for some reason. It is six years old so I guess that might be a good reason. I don't know how much longer it will be functional so I guess I need to start finding a replacement. Does anybody know a place that still sells laptops with phone modems?

3. Yes, I still use dial-up. The Amish are outpacing me.

4. My grandma just got me a birthday card with a twenty dollar bill tucked inside. She's a dear, sweet lady!

5. Of course, if I get a new laptop, I'll also probably need a new scanner/printer. Ugh.

6. I recently bought the complete series of The Bob Newhart Show because I love the show and I like to pretend I have more money than I do.
7. I'm currently writing a script about a corporate retreat. Never been to one so I'll be making it up as I go. Write what you know? Not on my watch!

8. So how many Star Wars movies is Disney planning on making? And why does the very thought make me queasy?

9. Our recent "prime time" run of Tom Cherry's Old Time Radio Show was a bust, but we did just get a paying gig in August. We'll be on the road again!

10. Sorry to hear about the passing of Ann B. Davis. My favorite Alice memory? Her dancing the hustle on that Brady Bunch variety show. Ann B. Davis could boogie!
11. At work, a voice comes over the P.A. to praise people for their positive attitudes. Apparently there is no love for us folks with a negative attitude, the people who hate their jobs and yet gets the damn job done.

12. Although I'm not Jewish, I'm having my bar mizvah on my birthday this Saturday in hopes of doubling my gifts. That and maybe I'll finally become a man!

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Sketchy Looking Characters

Sketchy Looking Characters
People I drew at work slightly based on people at work.


Thursday, June 05, 2014

My Recent Comic Haul (6/1/14)

Dead Boy Detectives #6
Larfleeze #11
She-Hulk #3
Purchased at Bob's Comic Castle. Total amount: $9.60
Notes- I'm really liking She-Hulk at the moment. Javier Pulido's art is fantastic and Charles Soule's writing is fun and fitting for the character. Plus one of my favorite Marvel characters, Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat, has a good supporting role as Jen Walters's private investigator. After FF wrapped up, I never thought I would have another Marvel comic on my pull list and now I have two (For the curious, Silver Surfer is the other one)!...Larfleeze is one issue away from being cancelled and I have to admit I won't really miss it much. It's a silly, little romp for the most part with an one-note character, but I enjoy the writing combo of Giffen and DeMatteis and Scott Kolins is one of the few current DC artists who knows how to draw. It's a lightweight book and I can see why it doesn't pull in the readers. But I will give them bonus points for reintroducing G'nort to the New 52 and basically keeping him the same as always (And, yes, that is a good thing!)...It's a small haul, but She-Hulk wins it!
Edwin Paine was created by Neil Gaiman, Matt Wagner, and Malcolm Jones III.

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Sunday, June 01, 2014

The Pain (Oh, the Pain!) of Live Theatre

Saw a lousy piece of theatre last night with Sean Orlosky and Cliff and Cindy Lowe. It was the perfect marriage of bad acting and a bad script. You know you're in trouble when the lead actor spends most of his time making eye contact with the floor. You could also tell he was a professional actor because he had at least 85 percent of his lines memorized. According to the program, he was also the executive producer of the piece which explains a lot. The script was full of lazy writing and the performers did a fine job reading their lines. Knowing they were all part of a professional touring group should give hope to amateur actors everywhere! Watching that play was like watching a episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in person (I called dibs on Tom Servo!). Believe it or not, we all had a great time!

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