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The Tom Cherry Experience

Sunday, June 01, 2014

The Pain (Oh, the Pain!) of Live Theatre

Saw a lousy piece of theatre last night with Sean Orlosky and Cliff and Cindy Lowe. It was the perfect marriage of bad acting and a bad script. You know you're in trouble when the lead actor spends most of his time making eye contact with the floor. You could also tell he was a professional actor because he had at least 85 percent of his lines memorized. According to the program, he was also the executive producer of the piece which explains a lot. The script was full of lazy writing and the performers did a fine job reading their lines. Knowing they were all part of a professional touring group should give hope to amateur actors everywhere! Watching that play was like watching a episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in person (I called dibs on Tom Servo!). Believe it or not, we all had a great time!

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