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The Tom Cherry Experience

Friday, January 12, 2007

Blog, Sweat, and Tears

Admission: I am really a boring blogger and I apologize for my general lameness. I'll try to liven up the proceedings around these parts and refrain from using such bland adjectives such as "pretty well" to describe my go-go life style.

Second Admission: I don't have a go-go life style.

Stage and Scream: Last night's rehearsal was rather maniac for me. For some reason, I was pretty animated for the most part with some running and jumping and yelling and stuff. The fat man sweat surely flew and I want to apologize to any of my fellow cast members if they had the misfortunate to experience the downpour. I'm afraid the sweat will continue to flow until the show closes so if you have a chance to sit close to the stage I would advise wearing raincoats or plastic wrap.

On My Mind: Banana stickers, Eartha Kitt, bad reality shows, Daffy Duck, and all of my damn lines.

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