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The Tom Cherry Experience

Saturday, November 25, 2006

If Yesterday Was Black Friday, Is Today Beige Saturday?

Ate: Thanksgiving dinner at the Cracker Barrel with my mom and grandma. The place was packed, but the food was good. I don't see us making a tradition out of it, but it was a nice change of pace for a Thanksgiving. Simple, but tasty.

Saw: Over the River and Through the Woods at the Muncie Civic that featured a stellar cast of actors (Hello, Wanita! Hello, Earl! Hello, Jan!). If you were in the audience, you could have seen a familiar fat cartoonist tear up for the last twenty minutes of the show. Strong men also cry...strong men also cry!

Received: The script for Moon Over Buffalo. Lots and lots and lots of lines! Challenging, but fun (Uh, right?)!

Hate: Being a hypochondriac! I need to train my mind to think I will live forever!

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