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The Tom Cherry Experience

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Man in The Moon

Lunar Landing: Well, I finally got some info from the Muncie Civic last Friday and it looks like I got a part in Moon Over Buffalo! In fact, I was cast as one of the leads which came as a big surprise to this fat cartoonist. I've always considered myself a supporting character type so to get one of the main roles is kind of daunting, but exciting, too. Something tells me I have a lot of lines to remember! Memorizing will probably begin once I get the script this Friday.

More info as this story develops!

Faux pas: Yesterday I told a Jehovah's Witness to have a Happy Thanksgiving. Did I do bad?

My Granny's Favorite Flugelhornist: Chuck Mangione

Closing Words (Please Don't Get Offended!): Happy Thanksgiving and safe eating!

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