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The Tom Cherry Experience

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I Know It's Only Rock and Roll, but I Like It

I went to see Barenaked Ladies in concert last night with my TiVo man, Nick. Here's some numbered observations (Kids, count along!):

1. Barenaked Ladies really put on a highly entertaining show that showcased their everyman charm and kick ass nerd rock.

2. Two fat men should never sit side-by-side in skinny people seats. For a few minutes, I knew what it felt like to have a conjoined twin. Fortunately, we were able to move to some seats that provided plenty of space for two full-sized fellows, but I will always remember the time when Nick and I were brothers of the thigh.

3. Predominant smell at the concert: Peanut Butter

4. On the way to Cincinnati, we stopped off to eat at a place that I thought no longer existed. Believe it or not, a
Rax still grows in Indiana. I always believed that particular chain of roast beef eateries went out of business years ago, but it appears I was wrong. Stepping into Rax brought back memories of the late seventies/early eighties for me. The restaurant (Or, as Nick called it as he bussed his tray, a workaurant) was the exact duplicate to the one that once occupied Madison Street, right down to the little, white paper cups you pumped ketchup into. Truly a blast from the past.

5. No matter how close I am to my final destination, I will always make a wrong turn.

6. There is valet parking in Kentucky.

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