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The Tom Cherry Experience

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Acting Up

Practice: Rehearsals continue for Moon Over Buffalo. For awhile we had to endure through some bouts of illness, but things are shaping up nicely as we plow towards our opening night next Friday. I've been rather rough on some of my clothing during the practices which is typical for me. Wednesday found me with a bloodied knee that bled through a new pair of slacks and Thursday was the day I found a slight tear in my shirt. I should really play it smart and wear cheap t-shirts and jogging pants during the rehearsal process.

I also seem to hurt people when I'm on stage. I guess I've been grabbing some of my co-stars rather roughly at times and leaving bruises in my wake. I guess I better work on that.

Bada Bleep!: I caught the first episode of The Sopranos on A&E a a few nights ago and it was strange to hear some of the language cleaned up. I don't know about anyone else, but I found it very distracting. I understand why they have to do it, but it really pulled me out of the episode so I flipped it off. I haven't seen any of the first season in years so it was funny to see how young the kids were (I had forgotten how AJ resembled Bobby Hill way back then) and James Gandolfini was practically slim and trim in the beginning. It was also great to see Nancy Marchard up and running as Livia, the true dark heart of the series. Great show, but stick to the DVDs.

Austin City Limits: I guess some ice and snow invaded Texas this past week which effected everybody at The Group Home West. According to an e-mail from Eric, the ice practically shut down Austin which would happen to a city that doesn't even own a snow plow. Thankfully the local news gave helpful hints about how to successfully walk on ice such as "Don't run!" and "Take small steps!".

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Blog, Sweat, and Tears

Admission: I am really a boring blogger and I apologize for my general lameness. I'll try to liven up the proceedings around these parts and refrain from using such bland adjectives such as "pretty well" to describe my go-go life style.

Second Admission: I don't have a go-go life style.

Stage and Scream: Last night's rehearsal was rather maniac for me. For some reason, I was pretty animated for the most part with some running and jumping and yelling and stuff. The fat man sweat surely flew and I want to apologize to any of my fellow cast members if they had the misfortunate to experience the downpour. I'm afraid the sweat will continue to flow until the show closes so if you have a chance to sit close to the stage I would advise wearing raincoats or plastic wrap.

On My Mind: Banana stickers, Eartha Kitt, bad reality shows, Daffy Duck, and all of my damn lines.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

On A Minor Note

Ten Days In: Happy New Year! So far the new year tastes like 2006, but I guess that's to be expected.

Work and Play: After three weeks of memorizing, rehearsals for Moon Over Buffalo once again started up this past Sunday and I think things are going pretty well so far. Some nights are better than others, of course. For example, last night went so great I got a hug from our director. Tonight I kept blowing the same four lines so hugs were not in the offering.

It is hard to believe the show premieres two weeks from this Friday! (By the way have you got your tickets yet?) As for work, I'm on first shift until the show ends. Thanks to the shift change, I've been slightly tired, but I vow to keep plugging on! Besides, it's not like I have a choice!

TV Quote: "Fifty dollars for a toy? No kid is worth that!" - Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)

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