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The Tom Cherry Experience

Monday, February 27, 2017



I can't tell if these fellows are some sort of aliens or some type of characters from a fantasy realm. They appear slightly reptilian or perhaps amphibian-like. The guy on the right reminds me of Ned Stark for some reason.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Attention All Radio Rangers!

Radio Postcard 2017

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Monday, February 20, 2017

The Sixth Season Begins!

Radio Love

The game is afoot as Tom Cherry’s Old Time Radio Show begins its sixth season this Saturday at the Farmland Community Center by presenting a classic episode of The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes! Join Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as they discover “A Scandal in Bohemia”! Plus a new action packed chapter in our thrilling cowboy serial, The Happy Hoppy Hopper Show! The talented cast includes Sean Orlosky, Wendy Carpenter, Sean Heline, Bob Green, Missy Donahue, Katy Wolfe, Angela Gick, Jeff Shull, Jeff Rapkin, soundman and soundwoman, Jerry and Judy Cole, and special guest stars, Sean Smith and Marty Grubbs!

A lucky audience member will also get a chance to play It Pays to Be Ignorant and the singing talents of Wendy Carpenter and Missy Donahue will be featured!

That’s February 25th at the Farmland Community Center (100 North Main Street, Farmland, IN) @ 3:00 pm! Tickets are just a dollar! Popcorn and refreshments will be available for purchase. Call 765-468-7631 for more information. Radio fun for everyone!

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Chiller Thriller Theatre 2: Electric Bugaboo Lives!!!

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, some Halloween hi jinks courtesy of  Chiller Thriller Theatre 2: Electric Bugaboo!

Many thanks to Tim Richardson for capturing the madness and putting it all together!

Pleasant nightmares!

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Burt and Fran

Burt and Fran

Whenever I go to a restaurant with paper placemats, I usually draw on them. Today I drew Burt and Fran. I think they just celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Warm Up Your Radio

Angela and Katy

Tom Cherry's Old Time Radio Show returns to the Farmland Community Center on February 25th. Angela Gick and Katy Wolfe will be there! Will you?

Photograph by Cliff Lowe

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No Projectionists Were Injured During This Evening's Entertainment

Please Don't Shoot the Projectionist!
Good news! Please Don't Shoot the Projectionist! (Our king Sean Heline, Jeff Shull, Jeff Rapkin, Kevin Whitmore and some clown) survived The Giant Claw at the Farmland Community Center (2/3/17)! The merry band of hecklers had a fine time riffing the night away and we actually had an audience! Thank you to all the brave souls who showed up and endured a giant turkey!

Photograph by Cliff Lowe

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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Bad Movie Night

The Giant Claw

Bad movies beware! The fine art of riffing is coming to Farmland, Indiana! Following in the grand tradition established by Joel and the 'bots on Mystery Science Theater 3000, a group of movie lovers known as Please Don’t Shoot the Projectionist (Members include Sean Heline, Jeff Rapkin, Jeff Shull, Kevin Whitmore and Tom Cherry) will attempt to take down the cinematic clunker known as The Giant Claw! Will this merry band of hecklers succeed in roasting the turkey or will they end up sticking to the newspaper at the bottom of a giant birdcage? Find out on February 3rd at 7:00pm at the Farmland Community Center (100 N. Main Street, Farmland, Indiana) and see if the bird is the word!

Historic Farmland USA is proud to present Please Don’t Shoot the Projectionist at Farmland Community Center on February 3rd. The performance does include a dinner option. The dinner portion of the evening begins at 6:30 pm with the show following at 7:00 pm. Tickets for the dinner and the show is $10.00. Tickets for only the show is $5.00. For tickets and other information, please call (765) 468-7631.

Remember: Please Don't Shoot the Projectionist!!!

Flier designed by Sean Heline.

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