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The Tom Cherry Experience

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Needful Things

I need to find a way to fix my poor, neglected website.

I need to stop getting speeding tickets.

I need to thank everybody who came to see Assassins. Hope you had a blast! I know I did!

I need to organize my comic book collection, but that may take a decade or two.

I need to be more productive, cartooning and otherwise.

I need to mention how I enjoyed The Folk Song Cabaret, a folk music revue that I was able to catch in Farmland a few weeks ago. Besides featuring my friends, Judy and Jerry Cole, the talented cast also included Barry McMullen, Lysa Franklin, Barbara Brown, and Marty Zigler. They all put on a great show and I’m so happy I went. Only disappointment: I chickened out when Barry asked me to blow the jug during their jug band sequence. Emmet Otter would not be proud!

I need to buy a book to read. I haven’t read anything since I finished Last Night at the Lobster.

I need to wash my car and, oh, don’t forget about the oil change!

I need to set up my new scanner/printer. It’s still sitting in the box it came in.

I need to get a haircut.

I need to get some new markers. Colors needed: Yellow, purple, sky blue, gray, and that reddish-brown color I use for Amanda and Eric’s hair.

I need to wrap this up. It’s getting late.

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