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The Tom Cherry Experience

Friday, August 17, 2007

Momentary Distraction

Time to get my ramble on...Why does Maryland's state flag resemble a lottery scratch-off ticket?...Do you know what I wish? I wish I could be a real blogger and update daily and write interesting essays about whatever tickles my fancy. That's what I wish...Beware, Gina! The Ball State students are back in town!...I'm currently reading Fluke by Christopher Moore and I'm enjoying it. How can you not like a book that features a whale that has "Bite Me" written on its tail?...It looks like I'm going to see Superbad this weekend with my pal, Nick...I just ate six Reese cups and, yes, I feel guilty. Okay, maybe not, but I should!...Touchy Feely Fotos recently hired a few thousand new employees. Suckers!...I really need to write about my misadventures in Texas...I have two autographed pictures of Dr. Demento...Rear Window is my favorite Hitchcock film. Thelma Ritter rocks!...Do you know why Larry King writes like this? Because it is so damn easy!

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Not King D'oh!

It's time to crib from the King...I took yesterday off because I nearly pulled a Don Music at work on Thursday...Did you hear about that Jon Lovitz-Andy Dick scuffle a few weeks ago? There goes my hope for a Newsradio reunion!...There's a giant bag of Sweetarts on my bed as I type this...Why do I always get annoyed when my grandma refers to actors on soap operas as movie stars?...Saw The Simpsons with my friend Joe last week and I really enjoyed it. It brought back some of the tone of the earlier, classic seasons. I actually teared up during Marge's videotaped monologue. Yes, I'm a wuss...Why did somebody turn Underdog into a movie? Was that really necessary? And don't get me started on Daddy Day Camp! Curse you, Fred Savage!...Don't you hate it when someone you work with suddenly starts talking about their family and you're forced to listen out of politeness? My tips for the situation: Nod constantly, say as little as possible, fall to the floor, and pretend to have a seizure...I didn't get any mail yesterday...Kids will have to go back to school in a couple weeks. Ha ha!

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Maintaining the Status Quo: I had a strong urge to quit my job yesterday. No particular reason. I mean nobody yelled at me or told me what to do, but the meaningless nature of my job weighed upon me. Now I'm no stranger to this feeling. It visits me practically everyday I find myself at Touchy Feely Fotos, but it was stronger yesterday for some reason. To be honest, what I do for a living could be done by a well-trained chimp and I have the salary to prove it. Add that realization to all the mindless chatter that serves as the background noise to my workday existence and frustration quickly takes root. I fought the temptation to walk out though. My bills prevent me from taking that major step unfortunately. However, if this strong urge continues to occur, maybe it will finally serve as the spur to find a better job and dislodge myself from the photo trade. One can hope.

Reading: Dishwasher by Pete Jordan aka "Dishwasher Pete"

Album of the Moment: The Sophtware Slump, Grandaddy

The Number of Ketchup Packets I Received at Lunch Yesterday: Four

Lazybones: I have yet to write about trip to Austin. I really need to get on that.

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