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Friday, May 25, 2007

Jack the Giant Failure

The third season of Lost came to a close Wednesday night. Unlike a few million other viewers who dropped the show this year, I'm still enjoying life on the island. Things were slightly shaky the early part of the season and some things happened I wasn't too pleased with (I don't think I'll ever forgive them for killing Mr. Eko), but I think things got better as the season progressed and it ended with an excellent season finale. Like the last two season enders, here's some of my highlights (Spoilers alert!):

*Rose telling Jack not to give another "Live together, die alone" speech or she'll punch his face.

*Rousseau and Alex's reunion and the way the crazy French lady smacked tree-tied Ben.

*Charlie's heroic death

* By the way, just want does it need to take to kill that one-eyed Russian? And is he related to the one in Pine Barrens?

*A "close but no banana" reunion between Desmond and Penny (Forget the Jack-Kate-Sawyer-Juliet quadrangle, this is the true romance of the show).

*The return of Walt (Wearing the same clothes, but now going through puberty)!

*The Losties reclaiming the beach with Hurley driving his magic bus (Fact: HURLEY RULES!!!).

*Sayid plays footsie with someone's neck

*Sawyer kills Mr. Friendly with the great line: "That's for taking the kid off the raft".

* The Losties finally winning against the Others, but why do I think their victory may be short lived? Something tells me being rescued may not be that great.

*Added bonus: Any episode that can make Jack the biggest loser in the world is a keeper in my book.

New questions: Who was Naomi working for? The Hanso Foundation? Old Man Widmore?

Who besides Jack and Kate made it back off the island? And who didn't? What lie is Jack tired of lying about and why doesn't it seem to bother Kate?

Who's in that coffin? (Judging by the size, I say not Hurley. By the way, HURLEY RULES!!!) Speaking of the dead, perhaps Dr. Christian Shepard isn't really one of them.

Where did Richard disappear to? Is he in the Temple?

Old Questions: What about the four toed statue? What the heck is Jacob? Where the heck did Libby go? Wasn't she supposed to play a big role in future flashbacks? Apparently not in this season, brother.

Yup, I'll be back in February.

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