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The Tom Cherry Experience

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Free Eggs and Bacon

Likes: Vanilla Frosties, Harold and Maude, Seussical at The Muncie Civic, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, having breakfast with Tim and Emily

Dislikes: Being out of The Sopranos loop, getting sick at work, my job, certain people at my job, toothless jockeys at white tie state dinners, being a slow, lazy cartoonist

Hair Status: Early Sam Kinison (circa Back to School)

Confession: Whenever I stumble upon a Gilmore Girls episode, I find myself liking it a great deal.

Enjoying: The Fountains of Wayne's latest, Traffic and Weather

Question of The Day: Will Frank Oz be remembered more as a director or as a Muppeteer?

Namedropping: Flatbush Phil and Rosie with a Cigar



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