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The Tom Cherry Experience

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Almost Famous

Dead, but Getting Better: If you have been following my little comic strip, you probably have noticed it has been invaded by zombies. Unfortunately, the zombie storyline has been moving as slowly as the dead and I want to offer my apologies about that. Despite the fact I'll be out of town on vacation in a couple weeks, I'm determined to get things back on track very soon. Until then, the zombies are here to stay at the moment and I hope you'll stick around as well!

That's Showbiz!: So I got home from work a couple of nights ago and I noticed I had a message on the answering machine. It was a guy from Rutter Communications, a local outfit that provides commercials for the cable system in Muncie. The guy was calling to see if I would be interested in appearing in a commercial. He saw me on stage at the Muncie Civic and thought I was the right type to appear in the spot. They were willing to pay me and, if I was interested, please call him back. Well, I was definitely interested so I called him the next day. A receptionist answered and I told her I wanted to speak to Mr. So and So. She put me on hold. Forty seconds of cheesy music later, she was back. She told me Mr. So and So no longer worked there and then asked if I was interested in talking to someone else. Slightly befuddled, I politely declined and wished her a nice day.

Apparently things move pretty quick at Rutter. One moment you're calling a fat cartoonist to cast him in your commercial and the next minute you're given the boot and escorted out of the building. It's always sad to see such things happen to people with good taste.

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