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The Tom Cherry Experience

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Today's Holiday Greeting: Happy Chinese New Year! It's The Year of The Pig so break out the ribs and the pork chops!

Boob Tube: According to my friends Theresa and Joe, a commercial for the Muncie Civic is airing locally that features the cast of Moon Over Buffalo which includes me. I have yet to see it, but I remember it was filmed during one of our later rehearsals. Though I dread to see how I appear in the spot, it's kind of nice to know I'm back haunting the local airwaves. It's been a couple of years since I stop making my little public access show and I miss knowing my massive mug could be seen in someone's unsuspecting TV set every Thursday night at eleven. Glory days...

Cruel Nicknames I Have Given People at Work: Moose. Swamp Witch. King Zombie. Grandpa Woman. Little Frigidaire.

Question of The Day: Is it me or does prefecture sound more impressive than state?

Current TV Crush: Last week's episode of The Office involving the bat was chockfull of comic bliss. From the pandemonium of the bat "attack" (Especially Angela's roll on the floor) to Michael's candy bar lecture to Pam's heartbreaking art show turnout (I think we both painted the same cup), the episode had all its bases covered and hit a homerun. Bonus points for the great use of Creed and Meredith. All comedies should be this good.

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