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The Tom Cherry Experience

Monday, July 28, 2014

Radio Review

Tom Cherry's Old Time Radio Show
Just wanted to take a moment to reflect on another great episode of Tom Cherry’s Old Time Radio Show from this past Saturday. Little Women brought out one of our best audiences ever, packed with first time visitors, our beloved regulars, and an abundance of dear friends! When a great audience meets a great cast, you can feel the magic in the air! Plus we learned about “roachkickers” when we played It Pays to be Ignorant! Thanks again to Sean Orlosky, Missy Donahue, Sean Heline, Bob Green, Katy Wolfe, Angela Gick, Judy and Jerry Cole, and our special guests, Lauren Donahue and Dana Jones for being part of a truly memorable show! Already looking forward to our next show in August! Plus we take the show back on the road this Saturday as we perform at the Muncie Delaware County Senior Center at 1:00pm!

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