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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Saturday's Comic Haul (7/19/14)

Dadman with Cupcake
Adventure Time #30
Deadly Class #3
Princess Ugg #2
She-Hulk #6
Purchased at Bob's Comic Castle. Total amount: $15.46 (Or $15.48. I forgot!)
Notes- I've been rather negligent with my blog and the Haul for a bit, but I'm still buying those funny books on a regular basis. No worries there!... Javier Pulido, please come back to She-Hulk! Pretty please with gamma rays on top! Your artwork is sadly missed!...I grabbed this particular issue of Adventure Time because it was a special zine issue, but I found it rather disappointing. Nothing really grabbed my attention. Sorry, Jake and Finn!...I added Princess Ugg and Deadly Class to my pull list recently. Princess because I usually like Ted Naifeh's work and Class due to it's art (Nice stuff from Wes Clark) and main character. When I heard Class dealt with a school for teenage assassins, I nearly balked because "the school for wizards, fairies, whatever" concept seems rather old hat by now to me, but I'm digging Deadly Class. In fact, it's the winner of this week's haul!
Dadman returns! I used that particular image for a birthday card for my dad (6/26/14).

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