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The Tom Cherry Experience

Monday, July 07, 2014

Linky Dink

I made this past week's "Five for Friday" at The Comics Reporter!
Proof I've been blogging since 2002!
Hey, I'm not the only one! Pam Bliss also likes to draw on placemats, too!

Keith O'Brien shares his process on creating Samurai Slate comics!
Dale Martin continues to impress every week with Watusi the Talking Dog!
Sadly Tony Reynolds is wrapping things up for Ryan's Dad.
Never heard of Doug Michel's Monkey Squad One? Check it out now!
My old pal John Oak Dalton is still blogging!
And so is my theatre chum, Todd Terrell!
Just a shout out to one of my favorite blogs, Ivan G. Shreve Jr's Thrilling Days of Yesteryear!

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