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The Tom Cherry Experience

Monday, July 21, 2014

They Arrived Before My Side Salad

The Dunce and Hellwig
For some odd reason these two super baddies, Dunce and Hellwig, appeared on my placemat while I was waiting for fried chicken Sunday. The grease stains happened afterwards.

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  • New characters?

    By Blogger Postmaster, at 6:25 AM  

  • They've been floating around in my head the last couple years. Drawrings of Dunce has appeared on this bloggy a couple times. I love goofy supervillains.

    By Blogger Tom, at 5:45 AM  

  • Ever see the blog of the guy doing a new superhero a day? Think you could do a year of supervillains?

    By Blogger Postmaster, at 5:52 AM  

  • Yes, I've heard of that guy. Sadly I can't even do a year of drawings. Much to my shame.

    By Blogger Tom, at 6:05 AM  

  • I know I couldn't do it, though I've thought about trying a One A Week version. But I have so many other projects I should be doing!

    By Blogger Postmaster, at 9:10 AM  

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