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The Tom Cherry Experience

Monday, June 28, 2010

Those Funky Idiots: Checks and Balances

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Those Funky Idiots: My So-Called Afterlife

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Monday, June 14, 2010


In honor of my birthday, here’s 41 things about me:

1. I carry around my regrets the way Marley’s Ghost carries around his chains.

2. One of my biggest regrets is throwing away all my homemade comic books I made as a kid. I probably had thirty of them, usually drawn on ruled notebook paper with the pages tied together with bits of yarn (There was never a stapler around when I was growing up!). I don’t remember the exact reason I tossed them all in the trash when I was in middle school, but I would like to kick my younger self for doing so.

3. Buttercup is my favorite Powerpuff Girl.

4. I wish I was still working on my public access show. It was a lot of fun and I miss doing it.

5. I own two autographed photos of Dr. Demento.

6. I really need to organize my comic book collection. I used to have it indexed and alphabetized, but that was many, many moons ago.

7. I prefer MTM-style sitcoms over the Norman Lear-type.

8. I haven’t had an appendix for the past twenty years.

9. At this point in my life, I’m not afraid of death. Just of dying.

10. In retrospect, I should have moved to Austin.

11. One of my proudest moments as a college student was performing a puppet show of The Lorax on the top floor of the parking garage by the old Student Center. I got an A for that.

12. I used to skin my knees a lot as a kid because I always seem to find a new way to fall off my bike.

13. I really need to put that syndication package together before all newspapers go the way of the dodo.

14. Living in The Group Home was probably the two of the best years of my life.

15. I was an extra for a day in Hoosiers. I remember Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper passing a football back and forth in-between takes.

16. Mokey is my favorite Fraggle.

17. My imagination always impresses me. I just wish I did a better job turning all my ideas into reality.

18. Some of the best teachers in my life were people who believed in me when I was afraid to.

19. I need to write more.

20. I spent seven and a half years in college. I was there so long I was nearly given tenure.

21. Some of my comedy influences: Warner Brothers cartoons, Jim Henson and the Muppets, SCTV, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Peanuts (Charles Schulz is still a hero of mine), Jay Ward cartoons, Christopher Guest’s films, The Coen Brothers, Dr. Katz Professional Therapist, Home Movies, The Simpsons, and numerous classic sitcoms.

22. Ask me about my Connie Ray impression! And then stay for my Bob Dorough!

23. So I was in a staring contest with Eric Whetsel at the House of Yu (A Chinese restaurant that sadly no longer exists) during one of our two hour lunches back in the day. Christy Hiday and Karrie Cope were there as well. Anyway our waitress comes over just as I lost the battle and there was much laughter in my defeat. That’s when she utters my most favorite waitress line ever: “Are you laughing at my good service?”

24. So far I’ve been in eleven plays and musicals at the Muncie Civic Theatre. Acting (And I hope that’s what I’m really doing!) is a true joy for me. If you want to see the real me, come watch me play somebody else on stage.

25. It’s important to take risks in life. Take it from somebody who rarely takes any!

26. I would make a wonderful millionaire. Somebody give me a few million dollars and I will prove it!

27. I have always found women wearing headbands rather attractive.

28. At work, I usually eat my lunch out in my car, listening to When Radio Was on the radio. It’s a show that plays radio shows from the golden age of radio. I’ve become a big fan of Baby Snooks and slightly addicted to Mary Foster, Editor’s Daughter.

29. I need to draw more.

30. I have no piercings, but I did put a Christmas ornament on my tongue when I was three and I guess it took awhile to get the hook out.

31. If I could be any television character, I think I would be Jim Rockford. Just call me “Rockfish”!

32. I bought the following comic books Saturday: Doom Patrol #11,
Secret Six #22, Young Allies #1, Booster Gold #33, The Unwritten #14, and Muppet Show #6.

33. One of these days I want to drive across the United States. At least, the lower forty-eight.

34. I had a moped in my early teens. One day while I was riding about, David Hite’s sister saw me and thought I was a fat, old woman. David then said, “That’s not an old woman. That’s Tom Cherry.”

35. I really need to do a story about a haunted miniature golf course.

36. I don’t want any pets. I’m too selfish to have one. I rather spend my money on me.

37. I don’t wear jewelry. Or sandals. Or an athletic cup.

38. I’m happy that my little public access show once pissed off the mayor of Muncie. In your face, Danny Canan!

39. I gave away a box of Lucky Charms at a St. Patrick’s Day parade a few years ago. Or was it two boxes? I forget and Tim has the tapes.

40. I’m always tempted to live life as Arlo Wazzo for a year, but I’m afraid my family would have me committed.

41. I probably won’t be doing a similar list like this for my 42nd birthday.

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Those Funky Idiots: No Small Roles...

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

The John Oak Dalton Panel of The Month: June 2010

Lug sez "PEOPLE BUG LUG!!!!"
from Volunteers #7
by John Oak Dalton

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Friday, June 04, 2010

The End of Tim

HBO cancelled The Life and Times of Tim and Tim is trying to work up some outrage.


Thursday, June 03, 2010

Those Funky Idiots: They Shoot Wazzos Don't They?

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