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The Tom Cherry Experience

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Return of the King

Okay, time for some more Larry King-sized ramblings, because it's so gosh darn easy!...Yes, I did dress up for Halloween. I was Thing #1 from The Cat in the Hat. I'll post a picture once I get my hands on one...Smarties are the poor man's SweeTarts...Arrested Development is the best show on television and it's a damn shame no one is watching it (Except all us cool people)!...Seeing a little baby's picture in the obituaries can really bring me down...Squidbillies: acceptable, 12 oz. Mouse: unacceptable...Here's a question for a DC Comics fanboy/fangirl: Do you think Monsieur Mallah ever gets jealous of Gorilla Grodd?...Something from a recent New Yorker that made me laugh: "We've got to fire Brownie. We're Brownie-firers."...Finally, here's one of the reasons I love John Dalton's comic books:


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