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The Tom Cherry Experience

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Don't Need No Giant Samoan on My Ass

Those Bitches Tried To Cheat Me!: The company I work for screwed up my PTO (Paid Time Off) and took away some of the hours I was owed. Fortunately, I caught the inconsistencies (The amount is always listed on your check) and I took the matter up with Payroll. They're going to fix it, but I'm determined to remain vigilant!

Random Thought: If I had a director that directed my life, I would want it to be Wes Anderson.

Countdown: I currently live in The Group Home with Tim, Brad, and Eric, but times are a' changing. My Group Homies will soon be leaving to find their fortune in Austin, Texas. I'm happy for them and I wish I had the courage to uproot and go with them. Unfortunately, I can't at the moment so I'm stuck in America's Hometown for awhile. I know I rarely write about my experiences at The Group Home, but it has been a great two years and I'm sorry to see it end. The guys have been the type of roommates anyone would want to have and I'm fortunate we have had such a good time living with each other. I'm really going to miss them.

The Syndication Package: I have thirty-one strips inked. I'm still debating about a few that won't make the cut, but the end is sooner than later.

Neighborhood Watch: If a giant Samoan in a compact car is seen in your area, call the police immediately! Please do not attempt to confront him for he is extremely dangerous! Do not attempt to shoot him for he was shot before and survived so apparently firearms are of no use! This is your first and last warning!


Exactly how dated is this punchline?

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