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The Tom Cherry Experience

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Independence Day: Spent my day for the most part inking strips. Tim and Brad bought some fireworks and they went boom. The shuttle went up and so did North Korea's missiles. Unlike last year, I did not back into someone's car and that is a good thing.

Workplace Discovery: While throwing stuff away at work on Monday, I saw a juice bottle full of urine in the dumpster. Of course, it could have been apple juice as well, but I wasn't in the mood for a taste test.

The Syndication Package: The inking continues with nineteen strips completed so far. I'm generally pleased with the results despite wanting to scream whenever I screw up a line. I want everything to look perfect and a minor flub can really be discouraging.

Local Landmark:

The frog statue that has stood guard in front of Ceramic Tile and Carpet for decades may soon be history. The carpet store has been out of business for a couple of years and the new owner of the building has no need for the deteriorating mascot. However, she did offer the frog to anyone willing to remove it at their own expense and I guess someone accepted the challenge. According to The Star Press, a middle-aged couple plans to take in the frog and place it in their backyard. However, the statue isn't in the best of shape and it may crumble apart once it is moved. I'm hoping the fates wouldn't be that cruel to a giant, cement frog and it will soon find a new life as a piece of lawn art. I know I'll be keeping my flippers crossed.

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