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Friday, December 09, 2005

Damn the Golden Fleece! Give Me Food!

As I write this, a buttload of snow is falling to the ground. Winter is officially here, no matter what the calendar says. I'm just glad I'm not out there, navigating the roads and such. Instead I'm typing this in my warm bedroom before my makeshift desk (I would tell you what I've been using for desk space the past year or so, but it's kind of sad). I'm sure I may have to shovel my car out in the morning or so, but I'll worry about that then.

This past Wednesday was the Touchy Feely Fotos Christmas party and I attended for the free food and whatever they were handing out as gifts. I was hoping for a gift certificate to a local supermarket, but I received a fleece throw with Touchy Feely's logo emblazed on it. I was so hoping for a gift certificate. Can't get any food with a damn throw!

Besides the free grub and the >sigh< throw, I had another reason to be at the annual shindig: I was asked to host a company Family Feud. Yes, I served as a minor league Richard Dawson* as various departments competed in a variation of that old game show chestnut. AMS Entertainment provided the graphics and format for the show while I wore an ill-fitted sports jacket that I got at Goodwill** and read questions to various co-workers. Unfortunately, despite the fact I knew I was going to be doing this for a couple months, I didn't prepare any material or jokes for my game show host debut so I basically winged it and I guess it went over well. I gave air kisses to all the ladies (Oddly, I got no takers from the men) and tried to ad lib as well as I could. I was hoping to use a smarmy, showbizzy-type of voice for the "act", but that really didn't happen.

After of an hour or so of feuding, Data Entry won the big show, but no prize was given out to the winning team for some odd reason. You would think the winners would get something out of it, but no dice. I was sort of hoping I was going to get something for my hosting duties as well, but that ended up being a pipe dream so in the end all I got was that damn throw.

*For the record, I never was that fond of Richard Dawson on the Feud. I much preferred the Match Game version of Dawson, the one that Brett Sommers always referred to as "Dickie".

**I spent $7.49 for that jacket and I was hoping to return it, but I lost the damn receipt! Can you believe my luck?

***Aren't footnotes fun?


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