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The Tom Cherry Experience

Friday, July 06, 2007


How I Spent My 4th of July: I worked on comic strips while watching a King of The Hill marathon on FX

Yesterday's Embarrassing Moment: While putting in one of my contact lenses, I dropped it and I thought it went down the sink's drain. Despite losing my contacts numerous times in the past, I went into panic mode. For three whiny minutes, I searched, gave up hope, and then searched again. Flinging my right hand in frustration, I heard a familiar sound. The sound of a contact lens making contact with a hard surface (An actual sound, believe me!). Looking down into the toilet, I saw my lens clinging to the bowl. I delicately retrieved it and gave it a through cleaning or three, As I type this, that same lens resides in my right eye.

The Picture Business: Less embarrassing for me was filming a brief scene at Prairie Creek reservoir for the film, Grove Lake. I basically had to wave good-bye to a car and then I was done. While at the shoot, a goose hissed at me. I guess I shouldn't have parked so close to it.

The Number of Ketchup Packets I Received at Lunch Yesterday: 7

Random TV Memory: I always enjoyed it when Tony Randall and Mandy Patinkin would run onto the set of Late Night with David Letterman, perform a number, and then run off the stage.

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