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The Tom Cherry Experience

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Final Bow

Well, after weeks of rehearsals and three weekends of comedy-packed performances, God’s Favorite is over. Saturday night was the final show. I think we went out with a bang. We had a very responsive audience. We brought out the funny and they laughed throughout the show. It was a good finish after a great run.

It’s always bittersweet when a show is over. You’re happy everything came together and satisfied all your hard work paid off in a series of fun shows, but knowing the cast and the crew are breaking up and going their separate ways is always sad. If you’re lucky, you were able to make some new friends or reestablish some old friendships during the run of a show and, when it’s over, you sorely miss the kinship and the camaraderie.

Of course, the one thing I won’t miss about this show is the set. That thing was a pain in the ass! During intermission, we had to move the set around and that was not fun. To explain, during the course of the play, a gorgeous living room becomes gutted by a fire by the beginning of the second act so all the props/furniture need removed, the French doors get replaced, and all the walls have to be turned around. I especially hate those damn walls! Those things were heavy and I’m so happy I never have to touch them again!

Anytime I get cast for a show, I feel very fortunate. I truly love being on stage, bringing a character to life, and helping create a new world that exists for a couple hours each night. I’ve been lucky to have been in seven shows the last few years and each one has been an utter joy to do. I’ve met so many good, talented people throughout my acting experience and I’m blessed to call many of these folks my friends. Hopefully, there will be more shows in my future, more chances to work with my friends again, and more opportunities to make new friends as well.

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