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The Tom Cherry Experience

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Scene at a Chinese Resturant

I went to get some Chinese food with my dad and soon we were witnesses to some workplace strife as a delivery driver was berated by an angry Chinese woman. Apparently the driver went to the wrong address or something and the woman who ran the counter was not pleased. It was pretty tense for a few minutes as the woman yelled and the delivery boy tried to explain himself. He kept saying "Please don't yell at me" while the woman angrily punctuated her paragraphs of tirade with an exasperated "Oh, my goodness!". My back was to the commotion so I don't know if there were any angry gestures used as well.

Soon another co-worker became involved and quickly settled things down. Thankfully our food was then ready so we left before round two came into play.



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