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The Tom Cherry Experience

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just Awards

I just got back from the Civies, the Muncie Civic Theatre’s annual award show. It was a lot of fun and you really should have come because there was plenty of great entertainment. Besides honoring some great performers from this past season, musical numbers from Godspell, Ragtime, Oklahoma, The Rocky Horror Show, and Assassins were featured (I participated in the Assassins number, natch). I also was honored to give out some certificates to all the actors who died on stage this past year. That list included Shaun Berkey, Ryan Lash, and Joe Skeen who was deemed to have the best death in the 2007-2008 season. Congrats to all of the dead!

It was fun to see everybody especially my fellow cast mates from Assassins (Edward Conley, Cathy Casazza, Cody Ricks, and Stevie Hahn). Besides performing in most of the numbers, Stevie also did a bang-up job directing everything. He’s one talented guy, that Stevie Hahn! Of course, I thought the highlight of the show was when he and the vivacious Cathy Casazza performed a Wicked parody number from Forbidden Broadway. Truly smashing.

I wasn’t nominated for anything, but Assassins won the Civie for best studio show so that was groovy! And I didn’t really go home empty-handed: I now own my burnt Santa Claus suit from Assassins. Can you believe they were going to throw it away? I’m honored to have it hanging in my closet.

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