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The Tom Cherry Experience

Friday, August 22, 2008


I went to rehearsal for God’s Favorite yesterday where the star of the production, Mr. Jeff Shull, and I went through our three scenes together. I thought things went rather well despite me sweating like a hobbled calf on the killing floor. I have forgotten that I often sweat a lot when I’m on stage. I guess that’s to be expected when a fat man moves about under hot lights and such. On the plus side, I’m inching my way towards being off book and I get to work with Jeff!

For those interested, God’s Favorite debuts on the Muncie Civic’s stage September 12 (Just three weeks away! Yikes!). It’s going to be a fun show, folks, so plan on coming!

On a bummer note, my other play, You Have the Right to Remain Dead, was postponed. This is rather sad since we were all set to go until a rogue church trustee and some behind-the-scenes church shenanigans put a kibosh to our efforts and really hurt a good friend of mine. Fortunately, the show will go on at a location yet to be determined in a couple months. More details as things get finalized!

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