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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Stray Thoughts/Stale Tweets (January and February 2013)

Swann Song opened last night and I heard it had a great opening night. I'm a proud Papa!
Stale waffles make lousy snowshoes.
One of these days I'm going to draw every one of the background cab drivers on Taxi just to prove that I can.
Group hugs are lame if your stuffed animals don't hug back.
I'm often afraid my Captain Caveman and The Teen Angels fanfic will never get the attention it deserves.
You know what modern horror movies are missing nowadays? Angry villagers with torches.
Tempted to write a children's book called Baby Skunk's Fresh Diaper to answer the eternal question: What swells worse? A skunk or skunk poop?
I'm also tempted to jump on the Tumblr bandwagon because all the cool kids seem to flock there.
Last week I came across a kid named "Brady Bunch". Parents can be so cruel!

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