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The Tom Cherry Experience

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Confess!

Okay, it's time for some confessions... Confession #1 I was planning on updating yesterday, but I didn't do it. Confession #2 On Good Friday, I met the family for dinner at a local buffet. While perusing the desserts, I noticed a container full of gummi bears. I probably haven't mentioned this before, but I have a certain fondness for all things gummi so I filled a small bowl with the chewable critters with a plan in mind. Later, before leaving the premises, I dumped the bowl of gummies into a napkin and stuffed them down in my pants pocket! I left the buffet undeterred and enjoyed my sugary swag later that evening. With successfully thwarting the buffet, I have decided to try to smuggle out a chicken leg or two the next time I am there and thus my criminal career has begun. Confession #3 Sometimes I think I sound like a middle aged woman. Confession #4
I have fallen under the seductive charms of Wonder Showzen. I have become enamored by its dark, bilious heart and nothing you can say can ever change that!

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