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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Smells Like Carrots

I just finished watching the season finale of Lost (Thanks again for taping it for me, Tim!) and The Year of the Hatch is finally over. In honor of the big show, I'm going to break it down like last year's finale! Of course, spoilers are to be expected!

* I knew Desmond was going to return, but just how he did was a nice surprise.

* It was interesting how Desmond's remarks about the island being stuck in a snow globe is mirrored at the episode's end with two people basically living in a snow globe.

* Is Charles Widmore linked to Hanso? Remember the Widmore name has popped up on Sun's pregnancy test and Henry Gale's balloon. And what's the story behind Libby's dead husband? Is it a coincidence his name, David, is the same as Hurley's "imaginary friend"?

* I enjoyed seeing practically the whole cast utilized in this episode with Michael and the chosen four, Sayid, Sun, and Jin's sailboat excursion, and Locke and Eko's battle for the hatch. Only Claire was stuck with little to do besides holding the biggest one- month-old baby in the world.

* Did anybody else's internal buzzer go off once the ship's name was revealed? Libby may be dead, but I think she'll be pretty active in future flashbacks.

* That big bird did call out Hurley's name. Twice.

* It probably made Charlie's day to find Locke crying in the jungle.

* My Favorite New Mystery: The giant foot with four toes. Let the speculation begin!

* Naughty Locke took Eko's Jesus stick. Shameful, Box Man!

* Eko is the island's best climber.

* All Charlie wants to be is a hero, doncha think?

* Saddest Moment: The look on Hurley's face when he realizes Michael killed Libby and Ana-Lucia.

* Nice to see Sayid is still a practicing Muslim.

* Um, shouldn't the dynamite have been placed in a
better place?

* Inman returns and he is partially responsible for the invisible map, but for what purpose?

* Electromagnetism: The engine that drives the show!

* Locke: "They're not my friends."
It's sad to see a man his age pout.

* The Others' Shantytown by the Sea: Those big fakers!

* The Whispers before the Ambush: I only caught "Elizabeth".

* Inman may have been a spook, but he was sure easy to kill.

* Did Desmond truly crash the plane? It looks like he did...for now.

* Faux Henry Gale is The Others' Great and Terrible Oz!

* Yes, Locke, you were wrong. Again.

* The Violet Event: Was it me or did Faux Henry looked slightly pissed when it began? And we saw Bernard, but where was Rose?

* Coldest Moment: Michael boating past his bound and gagged friends.

* Ice Station Zebra is proof there's life beyond the island, but what will be Penelope Widmore's role in the future?

* More Questions: Did Desmond, Locke, and Eko survive? Are Michael and Walt gone for good? Hurley was only chosen as a messenger? What do The Others want with Jack, Kate, and Sawyer? And what's the deal with Charlie?

I guess we'll find out in the fall!


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