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The Tom Cherry Experience

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Say Cheese

It snowed over the weekend, but not that much. The weather service was predicting a mess, but that never happened.

I didn't watch the Superbowl (No surprise there!), but I did catch some of the Puppy Bowl on the Animal Planet. Some cheesy fun, but that white poodle really annoyed me. I think it attacked every puppy on the show. Stupid poodle!

During my time of unemployment, I've grown fond of Cash in the Attic (The American version. I haven't seen the BBC
original series yet). I guess I like seeing what valuable junk people have stashed away in their homes and then wishing I had some similar
bounty in my domain. I think the only thing of worth I have is my comic book collection and I don't see myself selling any of it at the moment.
Anyway, I enjoy the auction scenes where they show the same clips of people shaking their heads "No" while the families await to see if they reached their financial goal. The only thing that unnerves me about the show is the very white teeth of Tim the appraiser. I think
that man has the whitest teeth in basic cable. Seeing his pearly whites always makes me feel self-conscious about the yellow tic tacs in my


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