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The Tom Cherry Experience

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Small Town Scenario

This past Friday Tim and I ventured out to Farmland to see the premiere of A Postcard from Farmland, a short film created by a group of Farmlanders including our friend,
John Oak Dalton
. Postcard is part of a series of films featured in a proposed television show called Small Town Scenario. The concept behind the show is very interesting. A film crew goes to various small towns and helps the locals to create films centering around their communities. Besides showing the finished film, each episode would document the experiences of the neophyte filmmakers as they work on their movies.

Farmland's film involved the reminiscences of some its local citizenry of their small town's past which included a daring bank robbery and an electric mousetrap. The film got a good reception at the crowded Farmland Cultural Center. Tim and I both found Postcard to be rather enjoyable and a promising start to Scenario's series.

After the film, we chatted with John and met his lovely wife Beth and his little brother, Harold. I also bumped into Judy Malone and Jerry Cole, founding members of the Howling Wind Band and friends from the Muncie Civic. Soon we all found ourselves next door at the Chocolate Moose, an old-fashioned soda fountain that serves tasty cheeseburgers and thick milkshakes. It was great sitting and talking with everybody, getting to know my friends from Farmland a little bit better.

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