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The Tom Cherry Experience

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Guys by Anne Nelson

The Guys
Think, Dog! is teaming up with Valhalla on opening night for a special evening of entertainment on September 11, 2015.  Musical guests and a silent art auction will precede the performance of The Guys, a short play by Anne Nelson.

All proceeds from all shows will go to benefit our Muncie firefighters and first responders.  We'd like to thank especially Mayor Dennis Tyler and Muncie Professional Firefighters Local 1348 for helping us secure the rights for this powerful show.

The Guys is set in the weeks following September 11, 2001.  It tells the story of two people struggling to express grief and compassion in the midst of catastrophe.  The Chicago Tribune called it "a small jewel of a play." 

We're thrilled to welcome guest director Tony Robinson, a guy who's done a little bit of everything in entertainment, from writing to radio to stand-up.  Welcome also to Tom Cherry and Katy Wolfe; new to our stage but not to our theater community!

For info and reservations, lysabarry@sbcglobal.net   765-741-0591

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