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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Coming Soon in 2014!

The Ledge Panel of the Month
'Nuff Said!

From the top, Ledge meets up with Dollar Bill and Valkyrie in The Defenders # 51 (September 1977) by David Anthony Kraft (Writer), Keith Giffen (Penciler), Klaus Janson (Inker), Bruce Patterson (Letterer), Phil Rache (Colorist), and Archie Goodwin (Editor). Ledge was created by David Anthony Kraft and Keith Giffen.
On the bottom, a splash page from The Defenders #91 (January 1981) by Ed Hannigan (Writer), Don Perlin (Penciler), Pablo Marcos (Inker), Diana Albers (Letterer), George Roussos (Colorist), Al Milgrom (Editor), and Jim Shooter (Editor-in-Chief). Marvel Comics

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