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The Tom Cherry Experience

Sunday, December 02, 2012


Murray the Cop
Hey, I just got cast as Murray the cop for the Muncie Civic Theatre's upcoming production of The Odd Couple! Should be fun!
Well, "Draw Hiram Lodge Day" has come and gone and I think I can safely deem it a success! Thanks to the following talented gentlemen who made the day so fun: Dale Martin, Keith O'Brien, Jack Bertram, and Jim and Jake Fields!
Just recently I transcribed an episode of the radio show, The Damon Runyon Theater, so we could perform it for November's Tom Cherry's Old Time Radio Show. I became a fan of The Damon Runyon Theater when it occasionally aired on When Radio Was and, when the idea came about to do an old time radio show in Farmland, I knew TDRT would be one of the shows we would feature. If anybody is curious to read the transcribed script for the story, "Princess O'Hara", you can now find it at The Generic Radio Workshop, an invaluable website that heroically maintains a massive library of Old-Time Radio scripts. If you're a fan of OTR, check it out!
And if you're ever curious about the little radio show I'm involved in, more information can be found at www.farmlandindiana.org

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