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The Tom Cherry Experience

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Regretfully Yours

Regret #1: My roommates are taking off for their Caribbean cruise later today and I suddenly wish I could go with them. For someone who professes a love for travel, I certainly don't have the mileage to prove it. And the idea of going on a cruise just became appealing to me. I guess their anticipation and excitement for their big trip has just started to rub off on me. Oh, well. Somebody has to stay behind to feed Eric's fish.

Bon voyage, guys!

Regret #2: Today is the date for this year's S.P.A.C.E. (The Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo) and I unfortunately can't make it this year. I actually had a table at last year's big event and I had a blast! I met some wonderful folks and discovered a lot of great comics. I was hoping to either attend or exhibit again this time around, but the lack of moolah put a kibosh on that. Hopefully, I will make it to next year's show!


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