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The Tom Cherry Experience

Monday, September 11, 2017

Farewell to a Friend

Sean Heline
Sean Heline

I have some good news and some sad news to report. The good news is that our radio pal Sean Heline has found a great new job in Michigan and he and his lovely bride Lynn will be making a new home together in the northern climes. The sad news is that Sean will no longer be joining us to make radio fun every month as a regular cast member. Sean has been with the show from almost the beginning of our little radio experiment (He made his first appearance on our second episode to be precise) and it’s going to be hard to imagine the show without him.

He was the voice of Hugh Belmont, Harlow Wilcox, Howard Fine and, of course, Hoppy Hopper. He is truly a class act. When you need a leading man, you get Sean Heline. When you need a hero with a heart of gold, you get Sean Heline. When you need someone with a comic wit, you get Sean Heline. If you need a good friend, onstage and off, you hope that Sean Heline walks into your life.

Thank you and good luck, Sean. Speaking for the cast and crew, I think it’s safe to say you will be greatly missed. We wish you and Lynn and your family only the best. Happy trails, my friend!

Photograph by Ashley Martin.

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