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The Tom Cherry Experience

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Death of a Halloween Show

Chiller Thriller Theatre 2: RIP

Halloween is now over and so is Chiller Thriller Theatre 2: Electric Bugaboo.  Yes, Basil Q. Mylk-Bone has shambled back into his tomb with several cases of Merlot and his Criterion collection to fitfully slumber until he is once again needed to entertain the children of the night. While he rests, I just want to thank an amazing cast of actors and actresses who endured an abbreviated rehearsal schedule, an inexperienced “director”, and a plot twist right out of Waiting for Guffman to create a fun and vibrant show! Thank you all for your many talents and for sharing them with our appreciative audiences! Thank you also to our great kitchen volunteers for creating a meal worthy of the Addams Family and more thanks to all the fine folks who traveled to Farmland and attended our little stage fright! 

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