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Monday, January 18, 2016

All Hail Hellwig!

All Hail Hellwig!

Yes, that felonious fashionista with the demonic hairpiece is back to claim Morton City as her own! Only Giraffe Man stands in her way!

Giraffe Man was created by John Oak Dalton

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  • Does she have pink eyes?

    By Blogger Postmaster, at 6:04 AM  

  • Love it! Waiting (patiently) for a full-length Giraffe Man comic from you!

    By Blogger SmearySoapboxPress, at 3:49 PM  

  • Postmaster- Hellwig has violet eyes. Just like Liz Taylor!

    By Blogger Tom, at 5:52 PM  

  • Dale- In a perfect world, I would be making Giraffe Man comics all the time! Hopefully, I'll put together a GM comic together sometime this year. Fingers crossed!

    By Blogger Tom, at 5:56 PM  

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