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The Tom Cherry Experience

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

My Comic Book Collection: Close to Home #1

Exciting Muncie, Indiana
Captain Peachfuzz takes Rocky and Bullwinkle to Muncie, Indiana (My hometown!) in Rocky and Bullwinkle #1 by Mark Evanier (Writer), Roger Langridge (Artist/Letterer), Jeremy Colwell (Colorist), and Sarah Gaydos (Editor). Of course, with Evanier's work with Garfield's Jim Davis and Paws, Inc., he should be well familiar with the charms of the East side of Muncie!*
*Davis's Paws, Inc. is located in Albany, Indiana which is a few miles East of Muncie.
Peachfuzz, Rocky and Bullwinkle were created by Jay Ward. IDW Publishing

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