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The Tom Cherry Experience

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Alfred P. Snackems

Nick Grove is the one responsible for the drawing. He is currently accepting commissions.

I’ve been mailing out my Christmas comics. If you would like one, just tell me so!

During my lunch break, I slipped on some ice at work and went kerplop! I had my car keys in my hand at the time and they went in one direction while I went in another. It took me about five minutes to find the little rascals since it was dark outside and everything. End of story.

Long John Silvers is dead to me. At least, the one on Wheeling.

It’s a week from Christmas and I have yet to drag out my Christmas CDs. Should I really bother at this point? As for any shopping, don’t make me laugh!

I guess another ice storm is heading our way. Goody.

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