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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Paper Cuts

First, the sad news: Thursday saw the last issue of All Access, the weekly art and entertainment tabloid that has been the home for my comic strip, Those Funky Idiots, for the last few years. The magazine is moving from the page to the screen to become an online entity. It’s disappointing to see the old format go, but it’s understandable in these harsh economic times for newspapers (and practically everyone else!). However, the new site for AA looks pretty sharp and promising.

Now, the good news: Despite this change, Those Funky Idiots will continue to run every Thursday in the Life section of The Star Press and will appear on the All Access site as well! Exciting news for me and hopefully for you as well! Of course, none of this would be possible without the guidance and generosity of Michelle Kinsey, the editor of All Access and reporter extraordinaire. Thanks for everything, Michelle!

For those who saw the last issue of AA, you probably noticed there was no Idiots within its pages and that was all my fault. I never did turn in a new strip for that week and I’m currently kicking myself for doing that because it would have been nice to have the Idiots go down with the ship! However, it’s even nicer to know the strip will continue to run well into the future!

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