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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Placemat Sketch #8

 Placemat Drawing 8

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  • Not quite Sam & Max...

    By Blogger Postmaster, at 7:10 PM  

  • But I could see this as TFI universe's version of them.

    By Blogger Postmaster, at 7:11 PM  

  • These two look a little too sedate to be part of any Sam and Max type mayham. More of a Beatrix Potter crowd.

    By Blogger Tom, at 5:57 AM  

  • Enjoying your recent glimpses of work in progress - looks like you're having a busy November!

    By Blogger SmearySoapboxPress, at 1:58 PM  

  • I'm never as busy as I should be, Dale! ;)

    By Blogger Tom, at 4:20 AM  

  • I picture them trying their darnedest to do Sam & Max like capers and falling far short of the mark, which is where the humor would lie.

    By Blogger Postmaster, at 7:33 PM  

  • I can see that, Keith!

    By Blogger Tom, at 5:15 AM  

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