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The Tom Cherry Experience

Sunday, November 09, 2008


I dressed up in my slightly scorched Santa Suit from Assassins and was Sam Byck for Halloween. I even made a replica of the sign he used to protest the White House in 1973. I think most people were more interested in my sign than my costume. For the record, here’s what Sam wrote: “Santa says, all I want for Christmas is my constitutional right to peaceably petition my government for the redress of my grievances.”

I’m not taking all the credit or anything, but I’m proud to think my one vote helped elect the first African-American president and turned Indiana from a red state to a blue (At least, for this election!).

Gasoline is still $1.99 a gallon so I was able to fill up tank for twenty dollars.

I stood behind Jim Davis at the grocery checkout last Saturday and I didn’t even know it until the cashier told me.

Grandma turned eighty November 1st and the family threw her a big party. All her family and friends came together to celebrate the big milestone with her and I think Grandma had a great time. Even my former Group Homies Tim and Brad traveled from the lone star state for the big day and it’s always great to see them.

Later that same night, I got a chance to hang out with Tim and Brad at Jon “The man they call House” Sipes’s Halloween party (Thanks again for the invite, Jon!). Rocking a new goatee, Brad dressed up as Burger King while Tim came as a gladiator. I forget what Jon was disguised as. A pumpkin, I think? No matter the costume, Jon can grill some good burgers!

I just came back from the Muncie Civic where I saw the final performance of Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical which featured some of my favorite people in the cast. Mr. God’s Favorite himself, Jeff Shull, died a rather brutal death with blood exploding from his chest and the one and only Joe Skeen turned in some Iggy Pop-style vibes in his role as the dastardly Spider. Fun

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