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The Tom Cherry Experience

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Good Night, Sweet Prince

I Hate Hamlet

Muncie Civic Theatre’s production of I Hate Hamlet closed this past Sunday after a limited run. Unfortunately with precautions concerning the coronavirus taking effect, the performances for our second weekend had to be cancelled. We had a wonderful opening weekend and it’s a shame we couldn’t share the show with our second weekend’s audiences, but, as a great author once wrote, so it goes.

Being part of the cast of I Hate Hamlet has been an extremely fun experience and I truly treasure the opportunity I had to bring to life this fantastic comedy with a group of amazing, talented people. It is always a joy to share a stage with Debby Girtman, Sean Orlosky and Katy Wolfe! It was also a great pleasure to meet and work with Cameron Bowen and Ashley Pilmore for the first time!

Thank you to Michael Kleeberg, Pat Kleeberg, and Maude Jennings for their excellent direction and guidance! More thanks to Larry Beck for setting the standard for what a great stage manager does and thank you to Donna McFadden for being our one woman crew!

Hopefully, there will be many more opportunities to work with you dear people again and again and again!

Finally a big thank you to all the folks who attended our three shows and to all the folks who wanted to see our final three. We appreciate your support and your patronage!

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