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The Tom Cherry Experience

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Basil Has Left the Building

Cast Photo
The cast and crew of Chiller Thriller Theatre with Basil Q. Mylk-Bone: (Front, l-r) Judy Cole, Thomas Nelson III, Missy Donahue, Little Guy, Bob Green, Tony Morris with Murgatroyd dangling below. (Back, l-r) Sean Orlosky, Cliff Lowe, Tom Cherry, Jeff Shull, Jerry Cole, Sean Heline, and Cindy Lowe.
Chiller Thriller Theatre with Basil Q. Mylk-Bone is now over. Thank you to all the folks who attended and even more thanks to all the wonderful people, onstage and off, who made this fun experience possible. Making good shows with good people. Who can ask for anything more?

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