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The Tom Cherry Experience

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Good Guys and Bad News

Little Guy (And Mort)
GOOD NEWS: The wonderful Cindy Lowe recently finished work on one of the stars of my play, Two Guys and a Pearl! Meet Little Guy and his stunt double, Mort! Little Guy will be making his stage debut as part of Chiller Thriller Theatre with Basil Q. Mylk-Bone on October 24 at the Farmland Center!
BAD NEWS: My laptop finally called it quits so my presence on the Interwebs may be a limited for a bit. Thankfully my Aunt Lee Ann is letting me use her computer to write scripts and surf the world wide web for awhile as I decide on my next computer purchase. Thanks, Aunt Lee Ann!
GOOD NEWS: Ending on a happy note, the radio gang loaded up the radio Winnebago and took Tom Cherry's Old Time Radio Show on the road to Heather Hills Baptist Church in Indianapolis yesterday. We all had fun performing for the church's chili cook off and we met a lot of great people! Plus we had some tasty chili as well! Thanks to Missy Donahue, Katy Wolfe, Jeff Shull, Jeff Rapkin, and Jerry and Judy Cole for helping create another fantastic show!

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