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Friday, July 05, 2013

Girl Skipping Jump Rope

Girl Skipping Jumprope
When you keep a sketchbook or two or three, sometimes you find yourself drawing a particular character over and over for some odd reason. This girl certainly qualifies as a constant figure that lurks about my sketches. I have no clue who she is or what her name is. I think she would fit in as a cast member for my elementary school comic strip, Lemonade's Last Stand. Who knows? In the meantime, she seems pretty content jumping rope.

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  • Does the gear on her shirt mean she's a "techie"?

    By Blogger Postmaster, at 6:22 AM  

  • I see it more like a "flower" and, no, she's not a flower child.

    By Blogger Tom, at 9:38 PM  

  • She looks like a fun character! And so much happier than those waiting to get out of my sketchbooks are usually drawn. They're often resentful about not getting out!

    By Blogger SmearySoapboxPress, at 11:02 PM  

  • Very true, but they're not as noisy as the characters trapped in your head!

    By Blogger Tom, at 5:36 AM  

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